Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We are a multi-deciplinary provider of complete solutions in the defense, security and aviation markets.

Logistics Support

Allied International Support is a leading provider of commercial and military aircraft spare parts and repair services. We aim to deliver the highest quality aftermarket spare parts support and logistic services on time, and at the best value to our customers around the world.

We add value by providing:

  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Driving Operational Availability
  • Facility In-County Capability
  • Spares support traceable to approved sources
  • Repair & Overhaul services solutions
  • Legacy material support
  • Customized solutions for aging aircraft
  • Specialized repair and engineering services for obsolete equipment
  • Competitive pricing & on time delivery
  • Global supply-chain network
  • Customer driven flexibility to meet unique requirements with “customized” solutions
  • Multilingual staff with extensive aerospace market knowledge and experience
  • Stringent import/export compliance measures
  • 24 hour Online access to information for customers and vendors


We offer Total Integrated Security cost-effectively and using open-architecture technology, to create an Effective Security Shield.

By integrating world-class sensors with command and control we create total situational awareness for your critical assets. Our broad range of solutions cover Ports, Harbours, Airports, Airbases, Oil and Gas, Powerplants and VIP installations.

Additionally we offer Security Design, Consultancy and Training tailored to the needs of customers.

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We have customized solutions for our defence clients including:

  • Armoured / EOD vehicles
  • RIBS / Boats
  • Medical Shelters
  • Fenders
  • Fire Vehicles
  • Lifejackets
  • Special Vehicles
  • Radar / Sonar
  • Mobile Ops Room
  • Workshop Equipment
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • CBRNE Equipment
  • Maintenance / Upgrade &After Sales Support


We offers comprehensive training program as required at OEM factory or in country for all equipment supplied. We also provide many type of simulators such as:

  • Full Mission Aircraft Simulators for Effective Training of the Pilots
  • Air Traffic Control Simulators
  • Marine Damage Control Simulators
  • Search & Rescue Training for Pilots
  • Marine / SAR Training
  • ACMI System Training
  • Field Combat Sniper & Marksmanship Training

Business Partnership

  • Business Support to OEMs
  • Strategic Regional Partnerships
  • Turning Opportunity into Business