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Arrival of Lynx Helicopter from Dutch Navy - A valuable addition to the Training Centre at Maastricht Airport

“The arrival of this helicopter is a major boost to our capabilities and an excellent addition to the teaching materials for aircraft mechanics and rotor-dynamics” states Peter Voestermans from AIS Europe.

The Dutch Ministry of Defence decided some time ago to phase out this maritime helicopter and provide it to the Aviation Competence Centr

The Training Centre can now provide hands-on Aircraft Maintenance Training. The organization is compliant with the European standards for an Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization, a standard normally referred to as EASA Part-147.

Within the new organization the next generation of EASA Part-66 certifying staff will be trained.

The training is aimed at providing the proper level of: knowledge, skills and attitudes for maintenance staff.

There are 3 ratings (applicable to Helicopters) in the EASA system that shall be carried out in this Training Centre:

1) Part-66 Cat A3 - Turbine powered Helicopter Maintenance Mechanic

2) Part-66 Cat B1.3 - Turbine powered Helicopter Maintenance Technician

3) Part-66 Cat B2 – Avionics Technician